Instructor Training and Partnership Package Deal

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So, why is our package deal so popular?

Anyone training to become a driving instructor not only needs high quality training but also pupils and high-quality support when starting out. This can be when starting on a trainee licence or following passing your Part 3. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that after your training course, you will go straight into our unique instructor partnership program and all the support that brings. Better still, when you take our package deal, you enjoy a huge reduction on the cost of your training course.

become a driving instructor

What’s Included?

Your Training Course:

Your comprehensive training course delivers everything you need to become a high-quality driving instructor and pass your exams with flying colours. ...

You are given full access to our ADI Part 1, 2 and 3 online courses for the duration of your training, DVSA recommended reading book pack, theory test training app, in-car training for Part 2 and 3 with our expert trainers, plus email support throughout the course.

We are here to help you through the whole process, giving you guidance and support all the way. Giving you the best start to your new career.

Your Let’s Instruct Partnership:

The best of both worlds. Your own brand driving school with all the background support of a brilliant franchise. Not your conventional ... franchise, but a better, fairer more ethical deal. A partnership, where everyone wins.

Whether you join the partnership as a PDI or ADI, you will receive all the support you need to successfully run your driving school. Taking care of everything in the background, allowing you to concentrate on your pupils and teaching them to drive. Afterall, isn’t that what you became a driving instructor to do!

The list of support we give you is long, so please view our comparison table to see everything we do for you. But join us safe in the knowledge that from the set up process, where we design your own brand, including logos, website, social media package, top box, business cards and leaflets, through to the ongoing support where we source pupils for you, take calls, supply you with online resources for your pupils, give teaching and business advice, CPD courses and support you so you are not alone. The best of both worlds where you have your own school but are part of something much bigger with the advantages and peace of mind that brings.

Your Brand:

Elevate your identity as a driving instructor with our exclusive branding service. We specialise in transforming your professional image into a recognisable ... and respected brand. We'll design your own unique logo, develop comprehensive branding guidelines to ensure consistency across all platforms and equip you with customised marketing materials.

From a personalised website and strategic directory listings to branded car roof boxes, business cards, and eye-catching leaflets, we provide everything you need to stand out in the competitive driving instruction market. Let us help you make a lasting impression that drives your success.


Your Mentorship:

As part of our partnership program, you'll receive unparalleled support every step of the way. A dedicated mentor will be at ... your side, offering advice and support tailored to your needs.

From sourcing and managing pupils, managing phone calls, scheduling lessons, preparing for mock tests, and providing business advice, we're here to help. Our comprehensive support extends to customer service guidance and much more, ensuring you have the resources and expertise to succeed and grow your business in the driving instruction industry. Let us handle the complexities so you can focus on what you do best - teaching.

What’s the Deal?


Choosing this option not only gives you a huge £1200.00 discount on your training course, but we also wave your £349.00 set up fee on our partnership program!

Spread the cost

Combine the package deal with the fact you pay for your discounted course over six monthly payments, this is the most affordable way to become a driving instructor.


With total savings of £1,549.00, our training and partnership package is incredible value and our best ever deal. Quality training and instructor support at an affordable price.

Package Deal
Training Only
Partner Only
Part 1 Online 🡹
12 months On-Demand training subscription
ADI Part 1 – Theory
ADI Part 2 – Driving
ADI Part 3 – Teaching
Part 2 Online 🡻
12 months On-Demand training subscription
ADI Part 1 – Theory
ADI Part 2 – Driving
ADI Part 3 – Teaching
Part 3 Online 🡻
12 months On-Demand training subscription
ADI Part 1 – Theory
ADI Part 2 – Driving
ADI Part 3 – Teaching
Part 1 Theory App 🡻
Part 1 Theory Training App subscription
Including the full official practice question bank for ADI Part 1
Monthly meetings 🡻
Run by expert trainers, get your questions answered and meet other trainees.
In car Part 2 training🡻
Developing your driving skills to the advanced level required to pass your ADI Part 2 Driving Ability Test.
In car Part 3 training🡻
Training you to teach effectively and deliver high quality driving lessons.
DVSA book pack 🡻
The people testing you – The DVSA, recommend you read these books when training to become a driving instructor.
Email support 🡻
Throughout your training, you can contact us by email to ask questions and receive the support you need.
Trainee licence 🡻
We offer trainee licences to all trainee instructors joining the partnership. Following you passing Part 2 of your qualification, and you being granted a trainee licence, you can start teaching for payment, allowing you to gain valuable experience and earn money before taking your Part 3 test.
Pupils included 🡻
We will send you pupil referrals generated through our network of websites. We market you in your area. Getting you off to the best start.
Call centre service 🡻
We provide you with a call centre service, meaning you will never miss an enquiry while you are teaching or are unable to answer calls.
Your own branding 🡻
Let’s Instruct Independent Partnership is unique, we are the only company who once you qualify, work with you and design your own full brand document, including Logos, brand colours and website mock up. Any advertising you do can include your brand name and logos.
Induction training 🡻
We give you one day online induction training, training you in how to run a successful Let’s Instruct Independent Partnership, promote your business and grow your brand.
Your own website 🡻
We will provide you with your own brand website. Your website will have all the information your clients need. Lesson packages and pricing, office contact details, your details including mobile telephone number, email address and social media pages.
Website updates 🡻
We make any requested updates to the website. This includes pictures, price changes and special offers.
Website Hosting 🡻
Your monthly website hosting is included in your Let's Instruct Independent Partnership package.
Social media set up 🡻
We will set up your own branded social media and Google My Business package. Should you already have accounts you wish to use, we will rebrand them for you.
Google My Business 🡻
We will set up your Google My Business account with your branding.
Top roof box 🡻
We will supply you with your own branded top box.
Business cards 🡻
We supply you with all the stationary artwork you need. The pack will be supplied to you in digital format. The pack also includes printed business cards and leaflets.
Leaflets 🡻
We supply you with all the stationary artwork you need. The pack will be supplied to you in digital format. The pack also includes printed business cards and leaflets.
Digital diary App 🡻
Your Total Drive digitemILal diary app is included in your package. Manage lessons, pupil progress, business finances, reflective logs, and pupil details.
Online resources 🡻
Your package includes access to Virtual Driving Instructor Pro, online theory training and practical driving resources for your pupils to run alongside their driving lessons. This is FREE online theory and practical test training resources for you to give to every one of your pupils to use for homework and practicing for their theory test.
On-going partnership guidance and advice 🡻
Once you are up and running, our team will be available to give your on-going advice and guidance to help you run and grow your business.
On-going mentoring 🡻
Partnership meetings held online every eight weeks. This is a great opportunity to get together with fellow partners and the management to discuss your business, gain advice and help to grow your business. Speakers and CPD training may be included on some occasions.
CPD Training 🡻
Your package includes selected online CPD courses. We will also keep you informed of any other training courses being made available.
ADINJC Membership 🡻
We are a member organisation of the ADINJC (Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council). As an instructor it is important that you are a member of a national association that can support you if you have any problems or issues with the DVSA for example. Their monthly newsletter will keep you informed of any changes within the industry and keep you up to date with the latest rules and regulations. There are many other benefits like subsidised training courses and the biggest driving instructor expo in the country. Let’s Instruct Independent Partnership being a member organisation of the ADINJC allows our instructors to join the ADINJC for half price.
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